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CiXi Reachup Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2005, a high-tech enterprise engaging in the development, production and marketing of the structured cabling system products and the computer system integration. Our operation philosophy is integrity, profession and creation.

Our range includes telecom products (voice, data, and video), transmitting medium substances (copper, fiber cables), Cat5e/Cat.6/Cat.6A copper, keystone jacks, cables, faceplates, patch panels, patch cords, wiring blocks, adapters and more.
Our cabling system performance to support the following:

1, super-five system

Support the bandwidth of higher than 100MHz, 100MHz reached the limits of international standard requirements; overall link performance, good stability, high transfer rate. From the twisted pair to the patch panel, from the work area outlet to the molding jumper, a permanent link to the system from the channel, hyperlink over five systems are in line and well over TIA/EIA568A/B standards.

2, six types of system

Support the bandwidth is higher than 250MHz, to reach the international standard specifies the qualification 250MHz; with a transfer rate of a high return loss is small, crosstalk interference is small, the value of small-and anti-noise ratio better attenuation performance. From the twisted pair to the patch panel, from the work area outlet to the molding jumper, from the permanent link to the system channel, hyperlink Cat 6 systems comply with TIA/EIA568A/B standards.

New product development in Reachup Company is a collaborative effort. Cross-functional teams work together to deliver innovative high quality products in a timely fashion. We manufacture the products and serve you need to design according to the international tide, and now, our products cover big quotient in the market of America, Europe, Japan,and Middle East.

Our heritage is providing the highest quality and best performing structured cabling systems. Reachup will promote the development of wiring products and network products together with worldwide friend. Let our living be convenient and orderliness.

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