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  • Detailed description
  • Model:UTP Cat6 Networking Cables
    1.  4 pairs 100 Cat.6 cable, adopt 23AWG bare copper to be the center conduction, PE
         to be the dielectric and fireproof material to be the jacket.
    2.  This cable is gray and conform to the standards like ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA and EN.
    3.  All the electrical characteristics are even exceed the lastest Cat.6 standards of
         ISO/IEC. The “+” typer inner frame in the center ensures NEXT capacity and
         reasonable minimum bend radius.
    4.  LSZH: means “Low somke zero halogen”, which is the symbol of environmental

    1.  Impedance: 100±15
    2.  Return resisitance: 9.4/100m
    3.  Unbalance resisitance: ≤5%
    4.  Static electric capacity: 51pF/m 1KHz
    5.  Unbalance capacity: 73.2pF/100m
    6.  Roted communicate rate: 65%

    1.  Copper diameter: 23AWG
    2.  Impedance: 100±15
    3.  Outer diameter: 6.1±0.2mm
    4.  Weight: 13.5kg/kft
    5.  Minimum bend radius: 6-8×OD
    6.  Maximum pulling tension: ≤10
    7.  Jacket material: PVC/LSZH
    8.  Roted temperature: -20~60℃
    9.  Packing: Axles & Carton

    1.  10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet;
    2.  100VG-AnyLAN;
    3.  Token ring;
    4.  ATM155/ATM622 etc;

    1.  ISO/IEC-11801 (2nd edition)
    2.  EN (2nd edition)
    3.  TIA/EIA-568B.2-1

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